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About us

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About us Culture Team Qualifications
 Hunan hypercube space information technology company is a professional engaged in low level intelligent flight systems research and development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, the main products include 3D laser scanning, geographic information system, geographic information system software and hardware etc.. With our credibility and sincerity to create value for customers to win customers, with first-class products, preferential prices and quality services to return customers.
The company is committed to serving the land surveying and mapping, line inspection, meteorological application, emergency rescue, pipeline detection, archaeological research, forest fire prevention, traffic management, forestry and plant protection, precision agriculture, disaster investigation, river survey, engineering construction, city planning, tilt photography, anti hunting, volume estimation, property insurance, investigation of environmental governance police, law enforcement, fire command, express industry, fishery investigation and marine applications. Companies engaged in low altitude photography and remote sensing surveying and mapping engineering and services, with professional technical team and excellent partners to provide our customers with high-quality, safe and efficient technical support and industry solutions.

ADDRESS:No. 1139, East Second Ring Road, Lotus Garden Street, Furong district, Hunan, Changsha

TEL:13574159729 phone:13574159729 王先生


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